We don't have ANY outside investors to ensure that we remain committed to the company’s PURPOSE--rather than fattening investors' pockets. We have a small, aggressive team of diverse individuals that work very closely together, making decisions as a family—with care and consideration for one another and considering our impact on others. 

Our Staff


Martin Mayorga


When you ask Martin Mayorga where he’s from, you might hear a different answer each time. That’s because he was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, to a Nicaraguan father and a Peruvian mother. Soon after, his family moved to Managua, Nicaragua. When Martin was 7 years old, the Mayorga family left Nicaragua to live in Costa Rica for about two years before moving to Peru–ultimately moving to the United States. When he returned to Nicaragua in 1991 at the age of 18, Martin witnessed the impact that many years of turmoil had on farmers that depended on the land to survive. At that moment Martin found his calling: to empower Latin American farmers by showcasing their artisanal, sustainable products to the U.S. consumer. He decided to use his education in International Business and Finance from Georgetown University for good instead of evil. During his time away from the office, Martin enjoys traveling, hiking, and letting his inner hippie run free.

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Jenaee Powell

VP, Finance and Administration

A self-professed "Military Brat", Jenaee is an essential part of the Mayorga team who spends her days working with numbers, checks and balances, tracing and linking transactions, working with databases and randomly breaking out in dance! Jenaee is involved in coffee because of the culture behind it and Mayorga.

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Eduardo Choza

Director of Retail Operations

When he's not enjoying tacos al pastor or hanging out at local breweries you can find Eduardo behind our coffee bar brewing delicious cups of coffee or in our lab creating roast profiles, roasting samples, and plotting to put Mayorga in the minds of the masses. After spending time in El Salvador and visiting this coffee country he learned about the plight of coffee farmers first hand. He felt if he was to remain in the coffee industry, he needed to align himself with a people who legitimately cared about the farmers and their quality of life. His favorite Mayorga coffee is all of them. Although he sees the beauty in every cup, he prefers "naturals" in a light to medium roast.

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Erin Dall

Director of Operations

Erin handles all the logistics for our promotional events, demos and roadshows, and various in-house projects. She is originally from the Washington DC area but lived in Lincoln, Nebraska, Seattle, and San Francisco before coming back east in 2011. Erin came to the Mayorga family after spending 10 years in restaurants, catering, and retail management in the natural foods industry. When not working, she can be found coping with unhealthy attachments to road trips, fantasy football, and home projects. Favorite Mayorga coffees: Honduras Capucas and Mocha Java.

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Clari Butman

Marketing & Origin Projects

Clari was born and raised in San José, Costa Rica (Pura Vida!). She worked with Mayorga for 8 years traveling all over Latin America managing relationships with producers and promoting diversification projects. She now uses her photography skills and creativity to manage marketing and social media while applying her background and experience to helping producers with diversified crops. She still loves to travel the world and seeks adrenaline-based adventures whenever she can.

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Daniel Sandoval

Operations Manager

Danny has been with Mayorga since 2009. Simply put, he loves roasting. With the most experience, he has taken on the role of training the newer roasters in the art of roasting. His favorite coffees are light roasts and his sense of humor makes everyone laugh.

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Ja’rel Nathan

Customer Service Manager

Ja’rel grew up in the Gaithersburg, MD area, attending Watkins Mill High School and Montgomery College before entering the work force. Ja’rel first gained his knowledge and respect for the coffee industry in 2013, during his initial role with Mayorga Organics as Roadshow Team Leader. It was here, that he learned the ins and outs of what it takes for a successful coffee company to run smoothly. It’s also the path that highlighted his natural ability to interface with on-site customers, communicate with third party vendors, and positively handle customer relations. Which ultimately led to his advancement in the current position as Customer Service Manager. During his off-time Ja’rel enjoys traveling and sports.

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Cindy Lemus

Accounting Manager

Cindy was born in the US to Guatemalan parents and was raised on the many rich traditions Guatemala has to offer, including coffee, which is a staple part of every meal. Her favorite coffees are light roasts. With an accounting background and being bilingual, Cindy was inspired to work for Mayorga after learning about the positive impact we have on Latin American farmers and their families.

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Wendi Harder

Roadshow & Special Events Manager

Wendi handles the management of roadshows and community events. Originally from Southern California she moved to the east coast in 2008. Having grown up on a small family farm herself she understands the importance of crop diversification and environmental responsibility. She joined the Mayorga Family after 10 years of event management because she fully believes in the company's purpose and vision. In her down time you can find her in her vegetable garden or enjoying a netflix binge with a cup of Nicaragua Río Coco.

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Chris Rilling

Project Manager

Chris grew up on the east coast of Maryland, and spent two years in South Florida, where he graduated high school. He is currently taking a gap year before starting college in order to learn about entrepreneurship and international business. He currently oversees compliance, Amazon sales, and other duties as assigned. He loves medium roast coffees, especially Mocha Java.

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Alfredo Ascencio


Born and raised in San Salvador, El Salvador, Alfredo was inspired to work in coffee roasting after immigrating to the U.S. Alfredo grew up watching his father work in the coffee fields and seeing this from an early age inspired him to seek a position somewhere in the supply chain working with the coffee that he knew from his childhood. Since joining Mayorga Organics as our second employee, Alfredo has continued to develop roast profiles that remind him of the coffee he drinks in Latin America. "I like the art of making great tasting coffee," he says, "it takes years of practice and experience to make coffee up to our strict standards and those of our customers."

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Juan Cruz

Country Manager, Nicaragua

Juan is based out of Managua, Nicaragua and oversees our farmer development relationships, works with NGO's on behalf of our farmers, and manages our export company out of Nicaragua. He is an attorney by trade.

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Kim Oswald

Local Account Manager

Born and raised in Damascus, Maryland, Kim worked for years as a corporate trainer for restaurants, as well as a brand ambassador. She was later drawn to Mayorga for it being a business that started so close to her home, and shared her two passions: coffee, and helping others. Being able to help small farmers AND drink Mocha Java everyday is her version of a dream come true!

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Liliana Sanchez

Direct Trade Manager

A proud native of Tegucigalpa, Honduras , Liliana has worked promoting coffee in international markets and being a voice for farmers since 2010. Liliana shares Mayorga's respect, purpose and vision for the people and communities that grow and depend on coffee production. She is passionate about empowering and engaging farmers to facilitate their access to markets, making her a perfect fit with the Mayorga family. Beyond coffee and coffee culture, Liliana also loves nature, photography, travel, and food. Keep an eye on our social media to see pictures from her travels!

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Melanie Labib

Food Safety Compliance Manager

Melanie was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. She got her degree in Food Science from University of Maryland in 2015. Melanie uses her food technology background to keep the Mayorga products you love safe, organic, non-GMO, and ethically produced. When Melanie is not working, she loves to spend her time traveling, scuba diving, and cooking up something delicious.

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