The definition of “sustainability” is the ability to sustain for long periods. Our vision of true sustainability is a balance between social, economic, and environmental factors from farm to consumer. Our personal engagement with farmers, focus on organic practices, and understanding of individual needs through the supply chain all help us to create solutions toward harmonious sustainability.

Since 1997 we've built a reputation as industry leaders by partnering with farmers rather than trading with them.  Beyond our sourcing practices, we also focus on sustainable operations:


Coffee Chaff is the papery husk that covers the dried green bean and is separated from the bean during the roasting process. It’s great to use anywhere you need organic material – in the compost bin, spread as mulch, or worked directly into the soil. Visit our Rockville, MD roasting facility and collect your Chaff.


Burlap bags provide for excellent weed control when placed under mulch in gardens – laying them below your mulch and cut holes to plant through. Some users have also taken them home to bag garden debris or have a good, old-fashioned sack race! Grab some at our roasting facility in Rockville, MD.


In 2013, we invested in a corrugated shredder that allows us to repurpose  and convert our old corrugated boxes into a new, dust-free, protective packing material which reduces shipped item breakage to practically zero. No more pesky packaging peanuts!


In 2013, we converted 100% of our lighting to LEDs. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, environmentally friendly LED lighting contains no mercury or other toxins, making them safe to work around and dispose of, and the best part is we’re projecting to reduce the energy consumed by our lights by over 70%!


Since 2001, we’ve worked with the state of Maryland to permit and install an afterburner or thermal oxidizer to our roasting system. This equipment is used to destroy Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that may result from coffee roasting. The only thing leaving our facility in the air is steam and the smell of fresh, roasted coffee! No threats to the environment at this facility!