Episode #17 Why Mayorga is Expanding into Miami with Julio Guevara from Perfect Daily Grind

Episode #16 A Chat with Mayorga's Nicaragua Country Manager (Spanish Episode) with Juan Cruz

Episode #15 Fairtrade: Simple Idea, Complex System with Isabella Pacheco & Stephanie Westhelle from Fairtrade America

Episode #14 Reflections on the World Coffee Producers Forum in Brazil with Martin Mayorga 

Episode #13 Diversification for Coffee Farmers with Henry Wilson from Perfect Daily Grind

Episode #12 Pancakes and Podcasting with Brianna & Nicholas Mayorga

Episode #11 “Producer Roaster Forum” recap with Henry Wilson from Perfect Daily Grind

Episode #10 Interview on Executive Leaders Radio  with Martin Mayorga 

Episode #9 Finca Las Lajas, Costa Rica with Francisca & Oscar Chacón (Spanish Episode)

Episode #8 The Coffee Market "Crisis" with Martin Mayorga 

Episode #7 Purposeful Financial Management with Jenaee Powell 

Episode #6 The Exciting World of Food Safety and Quality Assurance with Melanie Labib

Episode #5 Working With A Purpose with Eduardo Choza

Episode #4 Perfect Daily Grind with Henry Wilson 

Episode #3 Home School Life with Nicholas Mayorga

Episode #2 "In Good Company" with Hugh Byrne

Episode #1 Intro to the Podcast with Martin Mayorga

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