Our fundraising program is specifically designed to bring in a huge profit for your school, sports team, churches or non-profit organization. 

How to get started

First, decide if you want to sell directly yourselves by purchasing product upfront (direct sale fundraising) or if you want to take advance purchase orders (pre-sale fundraising) and only pay for what you actually sell. 

Direct sale fundraising

Your group orders an inventory of products which are distributed directly to you and your fundraising team. You are then able to collect money and hand over product all at the same time. 

Pre-sale Fundraising

Your group shows our product line-up order form to potential supporters. The supporter selects products from the line-up for purchase. Order forms are returned to us and we fulfill and ship product to you for distribution. 

Fundraising Product Line-up

Café Cubano (Dark Roast) 12oz

Decaf Café  Cubano (Dark Roast) 12oz

Mocha Java (Medium Roast) 12oz

Hazelnut (Flavored Light Roast) 12oz

Roastmaster's (Medium Roast) 12oz

Buenos Días (Light Roast) 12oz

Seasonal 12oz (flavors and availability vary) *

What groups are eligible to participate?

Please note that we do not host partisan political events; all other non-profits are eligible. A 501c3 or W9 is required.