Our Farmer Friendly® sourcing principles are the distinctive manner in which we operate and source our products.

ENVIRONMENT. All Mayorga branded products are organic certified and non-GMO verified

QUALITY. All of our products represent the top 5% of quality in their category

TRACEABILITY. We work directly with family owned and operated farms or cooperatives. We know exactly who grows our products.

FAIR PRICING. We pay higher than FairTrade prices to an exporter or directly to the farm/cooperative. When we pay an exporter, we do so knowing exactly how much will be paid to the farm/cooperative to ensure that we are paying higher than FairTrade.

COLLABORATION. We visit our farm/cooperative partners and corresponding coffee mill at least twice per year to ensure continuous, open communication. We work collaboratively and communicate openly for the overall improvement of the specialty coffee supply chain and to create opportunities for our partners.