Bolivia is a geographically diverse country in the heart of South America. While the capital La Paz is the world’s highest capital city at 11,913 feet above sea level, the North is much lower and temperate, the perfect climate for growing organic coffee.

When the Mayorga team arrived in La Paz, we met the leader of SCAGREM – Elias. After touring their mill in the outskirts of La Paz and meeting the staff, we cupped the coffee. The flavor profile was busting with rich and nutty notes. Immediately, we remembered why we were so excited to be sourcing this coffee.

Mayorga then traveled with SCAGREM to Caranavi. At a lower elevation, Caranavi acts as a hub for Bolivian organic coffee producers. We shared some meals of delicious typical Bolivian cuisine, including chuños (dehydrated black potatoes), chicken, and llama.

We then went up to the isolated mountain community of Calama where the coffee is grown. Speaking with farmers, learning about the manual milling equipment they use, and discussing the state of the harvest, it was evident how much pride they have in the coffee they grow. What an unbelievable experience! We cannot wait to visit again.


Caranavi, Bolivia


Country: Bolivia

Region: Caranavi

Producer: Sociedad Agroindustrial Green Mountain SCAGREM S.R.L.

Leaders of Co-Op: Eustaquio Huiza and Elias Choconapi

Number of members30 as of 2017

Date coop was established: January 21st, 2013 

Elevation4,500-5,800 feet above sea level

Process: Washed

VarietalsCatuaí, Caturra, Mondo novo & Typica

Harvest Season: May-August

Type of shade: Timber, Citrus, Banana

Average Temperature: 77°F - 95°F

Certified Organic since year: 2014

Cup profile: This delicate coffee has a fragrance of floral, citrus & spices with honey undertones and flavors of nuts, chocolate & caramel with a light body.

Time it takes to get to coop from main international airport: Approximately 6 hours

Other sources of income besides coffee: Citrus fruits and plantain


SCAGREM was formed on January 21st, 2013 when a group of 30 producers from the province of Caranavi decided to get together in order to commercialize their coffee in a more efficient manner. At first, they considered joining one of the existing cooperatives that worked in the region, but the cost of joining per producer was too elevated. They decided to form SCAGREM and they have been working as a group on increasing productivity and renovating farms, as the area was affected by the coffee rust fungus. Their goal is also to be able to establish direct relationships with roasters in order to build more efficient commercial relations, seeking to obtain better prices for their quality coffee, thus improving the livelihood of their members.

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