Heavenly Hazelnut
Heavenly Hazelnut Heavenly Hazelnut
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Grind Types Chart

Whole Bean

The freshest and most preferred method for those who have a grinder at home.

Coarse (French Press)

This grind size is what you need to make a mean french press or a smooth well extracted cold brew.

Medium/Coarse (Chemex)

If you are brewing that Mayorga magic on a Chemex this is the grind size for you. This grind is also great for units with metal filters.

Medium (Drip)

If you are brewing on any home brewer or a flat bottom pourover system (Kalita Wave) this is the grind size that was made for you.


This is our favorite size grind for anyone using a cone pourover system with a paper filter (Hario v60, Melitta, Clever, Beehouse). Our baristas call this one, "the sweet spot."


If you are using a vacuum pot, siphon or refillable k-cup pod you want this grind size for optimal brewing.


This grind is suitable for home and commercial espresso machines and stove top espresso, like a moka pot.



Roast Profile: Light

Cupping Notes: Creamy/Hazelnut/Smooth

Mouth-filling subtle coffee with buttery notes and a distinct flavor of toasted hazelnuts with a smooth, creamy finish.

Certification: 100% Organic, Non-GMO verified, Kosher

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Product Description

When we do something, we do it right. Instead of using bitter commercial-grade coffee for our flavored coffees, we use high-quality organic-certified Honduras Capucas as the base for this flavored coffee. The sweet notes of the light-roasted beans present nicely with the Hazelnut flavor while the incredibly smooth finish allows the Hazelnut flavor to shine through. 

Our commitment to excellence in each of our coffees is part of the reason why our Hazelnut flavored coffee has developed a sort of cult following from discerning coffee drinkers. So sit back and enjoy the LIGHT, TOASTY character of our fine HAZELNUT coffee.