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Visiting our Friends in Honduras

Since 2012  we’ve been working  with small farmers from the Capucas cooperative in western Honduras

Farm Facts
Region: San Pedro de Capucas, Copán, Honduras
Cooperative: Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada 
Number of members: 950
Year co-op was established: 1999
Elevation: 4,000-5,420 feet above sea level
Process: Washed
Certified Organic since: 2000

Mayorga in Capucas

The Capucas cooperative in Honduras is a great example of commitment to organic practices, focusing on coffee quality, and diversification for the purpose of protecting the ecosystem and creating additional income for producers. This combination has helped the members of the cooperative become industry leaders in terms of coffee yields, higher income per producer, community development projects, and income diversification. We’re very proud to be their largest import partner and one of the few roasters that works with them directly.

During this recent visit we spent a lot of time with Pedro Romero, a senior member of the cooperative and a highly respected coffee farmer. We purchase most of Pedro’s crop at pricing well over Fair Trade. He processes a traditional “washed” coffee for us as well as an incredibly fruity natural-processed microlot. Pedro showed us around his farm and home and talked to us about his passion for coffee and apiculture (beekeeping).  

We also buy large volumes of very nice speciality coffee from the cooperative as a whole. We cupped the first coffees from this year’s harvest and were incredibly impressed. It’s always nice to see our friends at Capucas and be part of their exciting growth!


In addition to being a great coffee farmer, Melito Cardoza loves to play the guitar and sing. He asked us to share this video about the Honduran flag with our customers. Enjoy :)

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