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Notes from El Salvador

Finca Montealegre

Small Family Owned & Operated Farm



Farm Facts

Region: Bálsamo Mountain Range, Quezaltepec
Producers: Ana María & Jorge Escobar
Year farm was founded: 2007
Varietals: Pacas, Borbón, Cuscatleco
Processes: Washed, Natural
Certified Organic since year: 2017

Finca Montealegre

The relationship with Finca Montealegre initiated last year when they approached us to help them find a more efficient channel for their certified organic coffee. After trying samples and loving them, Eduardo visited their farm last year to see their operations first hand. It was clear that this farm was an incredible fit for us given that they are incredibly strong proponents of organic farming, adhering to high quality, and providing opportunities for growth to their workers.  

We then visited again a few weeks ago to see how the harvest is coming along and to do a “deep dive” of their practices. We were so impressed by every aspect of their practices that Clari decided then and there that we would buy their entire crop, making us their exclusive customer and given them the first opportunity to sell directly to a roaster in the United States. "For us coffee is life, it's part of our culture, it's part of sustainable progress, and we are proud that now it can be enjoyed by people all over,” said Ana María during our visit.  

In a country where coffee farmers are abandoning coffee farms due to low market prices and development is overtaking fertile land, we need people like Ana María and Jorge to protect the environment, grow delicious coffee, and create opportunities for future generations to get excited to grow coffee.
Ana María showing Clari her organic natural-process microlot coffee
being dried on raised beds.

Roxanna, Sonia and Estela after a morning of picking coffee cherries in their optimal ripeness.

Keep an eye out for this delicious coffee that will be available in May!

Ana Maria shows us where coffee comes from. 



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