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Notes from Costa Rica

Las Lajas, a Small Family Owned & Operated Farm


Farm Facts

Region: Sabanilla, Colinas del Poás, Alajuela

Producers: Francisca & Oscar Chacón

Year farm was founded: 1930

Elevation: 4,300 feet above sea level

Processes: Semi-Washed, Honey, Natural

Certified Organic since year: 2000

Last week we took our friends from MOM's Organic Market to Costa Rica to spend time with our friends at Las Lajas. This is one of the many visits we make to Costa Rica per year and it was an exciting one. It began with time at the farm to discuss important issues like new varieties, climate impact, market opportunities, the harvesting process, and overall organic farm management.  

After visiting the farm we were able to taste the first coffees coming off the farm and the drying beds/patio. Each and every coffee tasted amazing. We selected a nice lot of semi-washed that will be prepared to our specifications as well as the “on its way to being famous” Perla Negra natural-processed microlot.  

As you can see from these pictures, the farm looks healthy, everyone was happy, and the coffee tasted great. That’s what responsible organic farming and direct trade relationships are all about!

Perla Negra

Last September, we won the Nexty award by Natural Products Expo for the best new product in the coffee category. Specifically, it was for the Las Lajas Perla Negra natural-processed microlot. Last week we handed the award to its rightful owners: Francisca, Oscar and their family. They are the ones that work incredibly hard year-round to deliver delicious organic coffee to our roastery.


 The Nexty award proudly being displayed at the Las Lajas cupping lab.




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