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Farmer Profile: Max Pérez Ríos (Guatemala)
We have recently received the microlot produced by Max Pérez Ríos as well as the first harvest from a cooperative that he formed to promote organic practices in the region.  We are super excited about its delicious notes of citrus and flowers, with flavors of chocolate and sweetness of caramel.  Tasting this amazing coffee transports you to the beautiful setting of Cooperativa La Hermosa and his El Guachipilin Farm in Acatenango, Guatemala. The landscape of La Hermosa is impressive, with two volcanoes, Acatenango and Fuego, as a dramatic backdrop and the coffee farms lined up by gravilea trees that provide shade to the coffee.

Max comes from a coffee producing family from Huehuetenango, Guatemala. He moved to Guatemala City where he pursued his degree as a lawyer. He and his wife began their careers as lawyers, living in the daily rush of a big city. Having been born and raised on his father's coffee farm in Huehetenango, and having been involved with coffee all of his life, at the age of 25 he set out to pursue his coffee own dream. In 2010 he purchased a farm in Acatanenago, where it's ideal for the production of high quality coffee.  Max renovated the farm with high quality varieties such as Typica, Pache, Geisha and Pacamara and he has carefully worked in the processes to produce a top quality coffee that has already earned Max several national and international coffee awards.

4In 2015, with family members and other friends he organized the La Hermosa Cooperative. Max became the President of the Cooperative and his next step was to motivate all members to become organic certified to further differentiate their high quality coffee and protect their environment. In 2016, Max's farm, El Guachipilín farm also became 100% organic certified.  

Max’s young and entrepreneurial spirit moves him to continuously innovate in varieties, as well as production and milling processes, such as double soak washed, honey and naturals.

He states that, “The appreciation of organic, specialty coffee by the consumer motivates us to produce with a bigger passion and determination a high quality coffee.”

Max’s other big dream is to have long term relationship with his clients and that his clients will also become his friends. We are thrilled to be the first client of Cooperativa La Hermosa and to present Max’s amazing microlot. Max has already achieved in part, his coffee dream, but with his energy and vision, it really is only the beginning of the next stage of his dream and new opportunities for farmers in the region.

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